Thursday, November 13, 2014

Purpose Statement and Design Plan (Project 3)(Argument Synthesis) Final Draft

Purpose Statement
Purpose: The purpose of my synthesis paper is to analyze a group of authors about the workplace; future, and how different things are going to change like working and hiring.  Dr. Wielgos assigned this project and I wanted to make changes and how it affects everyone that wants a job or is working.  I want my audience to be active about this issue and I want them to understand as well because it affects everyone in this world.  My main priority about this paper is that I want my audience to be concern about the future issue and to work ahead so we wont make the same mistake over.  This paper is truly going to benefit me next week when I start work.  Therefore, I want to help my audience to plan for the future. This paper will be very organized with straightforward points so my audience could understand everything that is going on.

Audience:  My audience will be students who are getting a future job. They should take a look into their jobs for more information and should see what the future has for them.  My audience should read my paper when they are alone in the library or outside of class where there is no noise so they could focus reading it.  When they finish I wanted them to be able to look at their future and see if there’s an issue or not. Also, they will understand that there will be effects on their future and they will be changes for the up coming years.  Lastly, after reading this paper my audience will be able to change their future or not change their future.

Context: The time people should read my paper is when they are in school because that’s when they have their mind focus and ready to read.  My audience needs to be in the right zone because if they are not then they will not take this serious and wont even understand the point of this paper. Therefore, the place people should read this paper is when they are in school and are focus and learn about the future.
Design Plan
Strategy: What I want to do is get my audience to right away get a clue of what the paper is going to be about so they can get ideas and get predictions. I will be using four sources and I will explain every single one so my audience can understand my point I’m getting across. 

Ethos: I will explain my four sources so my audience could see that my argument is strong and has good points that I want to get across. This is going to be a strong paper because I’m going to have four sources that will keep my essay with a nice flow.
Pathos: I would say that in the future there would be a lot of changes in jobs for people, but mostly for students. This paper will bring a lot of attention for those who really want to work.
Logos: I will have a lot of examples with fully detailed quotes so my audience can understand the future and will be concentrated in the future as well with jobs. Also, that there is away to stop the future and fix the issue.
Medium: This paper is an academic one; therefore, I will have MLA format during my whole process. This paper will be a six to seven page with citations included. This paper will get the message across and my audience will now learn about the future and pay more attention to it. Also, they will understand fully what my argument is about.
Argument: I just want my audience to understand the argument and how the future will look like with all these changes in the workplace. The only reason why this issue is important is because it affects every single one of us in this world.

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