Thursday, November 20, 2014

Closing Statement (Synthesis Paper) (Project 3)

I believe that in my synthesis paper I did a good job searching about how hard it will be for college students/graduates to find a job in the world. My Purpose Statement and Design Plan were right on the spot because it reflected everything that I wanted to get touch on. I think I convinced my audience that it would be hard for college students/graduates to look for a job in the future because of technology. I used the very detailed quotes from the articles to get my point across and I believe that I did a good job with that as well because my paper looked very well written. I made strong points to every single quote that it would be hard to look for jobs in the future. Some mistakes I had was explaining every quote because I think I had good strong points it was just that I need it more details explaining the quote itself. My synthesis paper overall was very well written like I said because I think I convinced my audience and made my point across that it would be hard to get jobs in the future and you will need to travel to find at least one job because of technology is always increasing over years. Other than that I believe that my audience are concerned about this problem and will do something about it.

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