Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What do I care about?

What I care about the most is my family. I care about my family because I would be lost without them. My family means so much too me that I would do anything just to be with them. My family has been there for me when I was down and I want to do the same to them. My family has given me everything a kid wants in their life. I care so much about my family because I can go and talk to them about anything and they will understand me or even help me. I know they are really harsh with me with school because they never went to High School and they don't want me to make the same mistake as they did. Therefore, I love them for that because without their support I don't know where I would be at. My family knows the best for me and I will continue to make them happy. In my family all we do is support each others goals. My family knows that I have to set an example for my little brothers and I will continue doing that because I I'll do anything for them. Therefore, What i care about the most is my family.

Who cares about this topic?
My family would care about this topic. The reason why they would care about this topic is because we are a family and they do not want other people viewing them as bad parents. Also, the reason they care about this topic is because they want me to succeed in life and want the best for me. Other than that most people wouldn't care about this topic. Most people wouldn't care about this topic because its not effecting them. The only people that this topic is effecting is my family because if I talk nice about my family that they are doing a great job raising me then they will continue what they are doing to keep raising me the way they are.

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