Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Closing Statements (Project 2)

When comparing my statement of purpose, design plan, and my final paper I feel that I did a very good job on what I wanted to bring home to my audience. I know I did a good job because I analyzed every movie with good detail and gave examples of the real world as well. I knew this would be a perfect thing because all pictures were all the same a guy and a girl hold and looking at each other. My photo essay was a lot different from this paper. The reason why is because for my photo essay it was more of taking pictures and less words and for the rhetorical analysis is more words and less pictures. To be honest, I think I did a good job on both papers and I gave good examples to show my audience what I wanted to get across.

Visual and Rhetorical Analysis of a Movie Poster (Project 2)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Statement of Purpose and Design Plan (Rhetorical Analysis) (Project 2)

Statement of purpose
Purpose: I was on snapchat before class started the other day and I click on my friends’ story time and I saw him and his girlfriend smiling and kissing and it made me wonder that relationships are just like the movies. It made me think back to the time when I watched P.S. I Love You, The Lucky One, The Notebook, and The Vow. All these four movies have one thing in common; they all show the definition of true love is.  The type of audience that these movies attract is females and males at ages of 15 and up.  When teenager and young adults watch romantic trailers of a movie they immediately think of their significant other and it makes them want to watch it together.  When Valentines Day starts to approach I notice that more romantic trailers are being shown on television. Most people watch their romantic movies in their bedroom or living room.  People who are in love see the movie in a different way versus those who are not in love.
Audience: The audience is going to be all those people in the world that are in love. The reason why is only for those who are in love is because maybe they can relate to the movies. My audience needs to be in love because I'm trying to see if those who say that they are in love can tell me if its just like the movies.
Context: The time people should read this paper is with their girlfriends in a quiet place so they can agree or disagree on if their love is just like the movies. My audience needs to be really in love not barely dating but have a longer dating process. If people are barely dating it will not fit them because they might not have the same experiences as those in the movie. 
Design Plan
Strategies: I want my audience to see beyond what a romantic movie is. I want my audience to get use to the idea that the love shown in the romantic movies is not just in the movies, but can be seen in the real life. I will show pictures of the romantic posters to catch the emotional side of my audience so that they can feel what the actors are trying to show in the movie. I want my audience to feel the same way as the actors. Therefore, I will use ethos, pathos and logos to capture my audience attention.
Ethos: I will portray myself as an advocate for romantic movies. I will focus and give examples of love.
Pathos: I will use four romantic posters to show the emotional side of the movies. Every couple loves to see romantic movies. My audience will feel the sadness and happiness towards the movie and will love to see more romantic movies.
Logos: I will use facts that on February 14 couples will go see a romantic movie. This will make my topic more appealing and it will make it more realistic with the whole relationship in movies and in real life.
Medium:  I decided to have pictures on my essay so my audience won’t lose interest. The reason why I want pictures on my essay is because most people don’t like to read pages and pages. I will have colorful pictures, so my audience could see how happy both characters are in the movie. My font for this essay will be Cambria (Body) so my audience could lack and learn something about love.
Arrangement: I will have 4-5 pages explain every poster of how romantic each poster is. The words will take up most of the pages, but they will be pictures as well. By doing this it will catch my audience attention and get focus on the writing and pictures that go together. I believe that they are going to agree that love is just not in the movies, but also in real life.